Why Deployed Logix?

When a crisis calls, seconds count. That’s why Deployed Logix specializes in American-made, rapid deployment shelters and disaster preparedness products for use in field hospitals, base camps, disaster response, and more. Our signature ASAP® shelters ensure you’re the first into the field with a patented 60-second deployment time. For longer deployments and larger scale base camps, our X-Series line provides the square footage to handle any mission thrown at it.

We have worked extensively with first responders, military, search and rescue teams, healthcare professionals, and private organizations both domestically and abroad, so we understand the demanding and ever-evolving nature of deployment. We make it our mission to get you into the field faster and easier so that you can focus on what really counts – your team and your mission.

ASAP® Rapid Deployment Shelters

Deploys within 60-seconds. Be the first into the field and get you and your crew out of the elements and under shelter in a minute.

X-Series Shelters

These large shelters start where the ASAP® shelters end. Suitable for field hospitals, base camps, command centers, and more.

X-Series Shelters

These large shelters start where the ASAP® shelters end. Suitable for field hospitals, base camps, command centers, and more.

Field Assets

Everything you need for your mission.


Water rescue and custom cargo trailers.

Climate Control

Beat the elements with turnkey DLX climate control solutions.

25 years of field experience.

At Deployed Logix, Less is More. We develop lightweight, off-grid, mission-specific basecamp, power, and deployment products for emergency services and law enforcement.


What Our Clients Say

“This is the best tent that I have put up. They are top quality. We put up a total of 6 this week, 4 were connected to the HUB. It was really easy and quick to do. I had a great time on the exercise this weekend. I got to meet JJ Urhausen – he is a really good guy, was very open for feedback and very helpful.”

Ray ThomasNorth Carolina Department of Forestry

“We continue to impress and amaze people when we move on-scene and the other agencies are simply stunned to see how fast we set up and begin moving into our Deployed Logix Medical Treatment Area.”

Mark DodgeMarion County

“At 4:30 am in darkness and being tired, putting up a DLX tent in ten minutes without generators or pumps is the best thing EVER. No heavy tents, pumps, generators, or supports…or waiting an hour. And tear down is even quicker. Let those guys at DLX know that they are absolute life-savers.”

Chris BakerSouth Bend Indiana Fire Department

“Very pleased to say I found some time to finally get the shelters out and up. And I must say I am very impressed, and very pleased we took the decision to buy them. The hub is quite something, much bigger than I had expected, and the shelters are a joy to put up.”

Richard DearUK-Med

“We just recently purchased the HVAC unit for our tent and I must say I am quite impressed at the ability of such a small unit to cool down a structure. I have nothing but praise for your company and throw your name and product description around every chance we get.”

Dino GrindstaffMountain Area Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

“Amazing company who always stands behind their product. Honorable and trustworthy!”

Mark BennettNew Hanover Regional Medical Center