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The Water Rescue Trailer series was designed with speed, safety and operation for water rescue technicians

The 3BT NATIONAL was our flagship design and most built model to date. The 3BT trailer has some of the most modern innovations to impact water rescue operations, safety, speed and deployment capabilities in years. We have also developed a series of additional 3BT, 2BT, and 1BT trailer models to help fit the need and requirements of various water rescue operations, boat models, and team sizes.

The 3BT NATIONAL is more than a trailer – it is a purpose built, self-sufficient operational asset that provides added safety, security, and overall capacity to meet the uncompromising demands of water rescue. From the ground up every detail of the trailer is designed with the water rescue professional in mind.

The 3BT REGIONAL is a small step down from the 3BT NATIONAL – offering a customizable design with purpose and requirements in mind. The design is intended to be lighter, shorter and more affordable but still offers a robust frame and GVW.

The 3BT LOCAL is designed to be light weight and practical with the capability of local deployment and training in mind. Move three (3) boats at one time and keep the cost down with practicality and logix with added storage space, increased GVW and two (2) axles.

The 2BT design brings the same practicality of the 2BT REGIONAL  but keeps the size and budget lower  while not sparing in storage, GVW, and logix. Move two (2)  boats at one time and keep the cost down with added storage space, increased GVW and two (2) axles.

The 1BT design brings the added logistics to water rescue operations with added storage and two (2) axles. Great for fast team and training.

  • Transport and rapid deployment of multiple boats, motors, and support equipment on a single trailer and vehicle package
  • Capability for establishing quick command and logistical support
  • Ergonomic transport and deployment boat motors
  • Faster and easier transport of boats and motors to the water
  • Better spare motor storage and security
  • A changing/dressing area that provides both privacy / protection from elements
  • Increased safety in night operations
  • Lightweight overall package with extensive storage capacity

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