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The Water Rescue Trailer Series was designed for speed, safety, and operational ease

The 3BT-NATIONAL was our flagship design and along with the entire DLX-3BT Trailer Series includes modern innovations impacting water rescue operations, safety, speed, and deployment capabilities. We have also developed a series of additional 2BT and 1BT trailer models to help fit the needs and requirements of various water rescue operations, boat models, and team sizes.

The 3BT-NATIONAL is more than a trailer – it is a purpose built, self-sufficient, operational asset that provides added safety, security, and overall capacity to meet the uncompromising demands of water rescue. From the ground up every detail of the trailer is designed with the water rescue professional in mind.

The 3BT-REGIONAL is a lighter, shorter, and more affordable water rescue trailer, but still offers a robust frame and GVW.

The 3BT-LOCAL is lightweight and practical, intended for local deployments and training. Move three boats at one time and take advantage of the added storage space and increased GVW. Includes two axles.

The DLX-2BT design brings practicality while decreasing the size and budget. Move two boats at one time and utilize the added storage space and increased GVW. Includes two axles.

The DLX-1BT design brings the added logistics to water rescue operations with added storage and two axles. Great for trainings.