BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device)


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The BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device) is a two-wheeled, water rescue trailer system that allows one person complete maneuverability and control with a single trailer motor.

Finally, a lightweight and effective water recovery solution! The BIRD eliminates the need for four to six people to deploy a water rescue trailer. Designed with ease of deployment and safety in mind, the DLX BIRD inflatable water rescue trailer system leads to rapid deployment. Further, DLX’s Boat Insertion and Recovery Device reduces the risk of injury to your field staff, significantly.

The DLX BIRD Difference:
Like any other product design from Deployed Logix, the BIRD was designed to improve on noticeable operational and logistical challenges during the deployment of inflatable water rescue boats. In other words, the BIRD from DLX makes water deployment easy! Some features of the DLX Boat Insertion and Recovery Device solution include:

  • Transports and deploys multiple boats and motors, rapidly
  • Offers an ergonomic transport and deployment of boat motors
  • Increases safety for all field personnel


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