BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device)


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The BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device) is a two-wheeled system that allows one person to easily move and control a boat with motor from the trailer and deploy it into the water maximizing use of your personnel.

The BIRD is money well spent – it reduces the need for four-six personnel to deploy a boat but it also significantly reduces risk of injury.

Identified Past-Operation Challenges (before the DLX-3BT):
Just like any other product design from Deployed Logix, the BIRD was designed to offer a solution that improved on noticeable operational and logistical challenges during deployment of inflatable water rescue boats. Addressing several of these challenges was the goal of the DLX-3BT:

  • Transport and rapid deployment of multiple boats and motors
  • Ergonomic transport and deployment boat motors
  • Faster and easier transport of boats and motors to the water
  • Increased safety


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