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The 3BT-NATIONAL (Three Boat) Water Rescue Trailer offers the complete deployment package, encompassing a water technician’s need for speed, safety, and operational ease.

The 3BT-NATIONAL uses modern innovations to impact water rescue operations, safety, speed, and deployment capabilities.

Turnkey Trailer Design:
The 3BT-NATIONAL is more than a trailer – it is a purpose built, self-sufficient, operational asset that provides added safety, security, and overall capacity to meet the uncompromising demands of water rescue. From the ground up every detail of the trailer is designed with the water rescue professional in mind and the versatility of features ensures everything serves more than one purpose. The front cabin serves as a secure storage area for items like personnel protective gear, ropes, chainsaws, etc., but most importantly it stores additional boat motors on ergonomic motor carts. When the cabin is empty, it also serves as a private changing area. With additional storage room on the front-end of the trailer, you have the perfect space to store a readily available DLX ASAP Rapid Shelter System to support water rescue command, operations, and logistics. The boat motor carts are custom designed to fit three motors in the cabin, with sturdy off-road wheels to bring the motors to the water’s edge. The motor carts roll up & down the cabin ramp, which can be deployed on both sides of the trailer.

The BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device) is a two-wheeled system that allows one person to easily move and control a boat with the trailer motor, eliminating the need for the often-standard four to six personnel deployment requirement, while significantly reducing the risk of injury.

The DLX-3BT Difference:

Just like any other product design from Deployed Logix, the DLX-3BT was designed to offer solutions to operational and logistical challenges in the field. The DLX-3BT:

  • Transports and rapidly deploys multiple boats, motors, and support equipment on a single trailer and vehicle package
  • Establishes quick command and logistical support
  • Provides transport and deployment of boat motors
  • Offers faster and easier transport of boats and motors to the water
  • Has spare motor storage and security
  • Has a changing/dressing area that provides both privacy and protection from elements
  • Increases safety in night operations
  • Is a lightweight overall package with extensive storage capacity




The BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device) is a two-wheeled system that allows one person to easily move and control a boat with motor from the trailer and deploy it into the water maximizing use of your personnel. The BIRD is money well spent – it reduces the need for four-six personnel to deploy a boat but it also significantly reduces risk of injury.



  • Four (4) Wheels
  • Collapsible Handles
  • Easy Loading/Unloading (no lift) with Boat Ramp

Additional Options:

  • Lighting packages: emergency (red/blue) lighting, additional scene lighting
  • Awnings, Shower Package,
  • BIRD (Boat Insertion & Recovery Device), Motor Carts, etc
  • Custom Solutions – provide details and needs
  • Deployed Logix ASAP Rapid Shelters and accessories

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