For the complete turnkey package, DLX offers custom trailers and multi-functional designs for transportation, storage, and protection of your equipment.

DLX trailer solutions are the most versatile in the industry! Any trailer platform configuration can be designed and customized to your specific needs and equipment cache. In short, all DLX trailers are designed with extreme utility in mind. Every DLX trailer can perform tasks beyond their primary function. Therefore, DLX custom trailers provide more value for your budget. DLX multi-functional trailers complete the turnkey package with their ability to convert to additional workspaces, command centers, sleeping units, changing rooms, and so much more!

Furthermore, thanks to the involvement of our customers in the process of creating these trailers, DLX provides trailer options as diverse as your needs:

  • Custom Cargo Trailers
  • Aluminum Water Rescue Trailers
  • Shipping Containers
  • Self-Propelled Trailers

Available Trailer Options

Regardless of your cache size or the scale of your deployment, DLX has a solution for the transport, security, and delivery of your equipment. From small to large multi-functional trailers, DLX can customize a solution to fit any requirements. Below are just a few of our existing designs and products available for immediate purchase:

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