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Regardless of the deployment duration one of the first necessities during a deployment is access to a toilet. Its one of the first things left out of a cache but in a critical moment you can’t afford for it to be a number two.

The AW-100 Field Toilet is a highly portable, non-impact field toilet system with an Automatic Remote Flush, Hands-Off, Waste Bagging and Sealing.

The kit deploys from a single hard case, and plugs simply into AC or battery power. The toilet unit uses one continuous plastic bag that is automatically cut and sealed after each use, giving you a totally hands-off and sanitary

portable toilet system, perfect for any environment where contamination or infection is a concern. Simply add a small amount of enzyme gel to the bowl, and the system is ready for use. Refill the plastic every 50 flushes  (The system monitors flush count, so you know when to replace the plastic wrap).

Simply slide out sealed waste bags and dispose of in regular trash. Enzyme gel solidifies waste for easier handling. Smaller bags cut from a single plastic wrap means less waste and a cleaner environment. Enzyme neutralizes smell and solidifies solid and liquid waste. Bags are classed as non-hazardous waste, and can be disposed of along with regular trash with no hazmat concerns.

  • Remote Control for Flushing
  • Self-Sealing Motor
  • Non-Hazardous Finished By-Product
  • 5-Layer Plastic Wrap for Durability and Odor Control
  • Comfortable Toilet Seat for both Men and Women
  • Can Operate with Battery Power or AC for Remote Locations
  • Complete with Compact Privacy Shelter

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