Power and energy are a must have during deployment operations.

Often, field deployment team needs will vary from operation to operation. Requirements usually change based on climate conditions, day or night operations, and the power demands of a team’s operational asset cache. Whatever the need, the Power Logix® product line is more than just energy products – it’s a philosophy based around change and adaptability. Logix is a fundamental idea combining past deployment experiences with logistical accomplishments. With the acceleration of Off-Grid Solar technology and LED lighting – “Less is More”.

The practice of doing more with less begins with DLX’s Honda Generator product lineup. Each Honda Generator is proven to meet or exceed quality and deployment requirements. Using a tried and proven manufacturer of power generators, lightens the weight of your deployment cache and reduces fuel consumption, all while adding ultimate power flexibility, independence, quietness, and INSTANT POWER.

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Available Options

Depending on your power requirement needs, DLX has a solution for your deployment and cache requirements. From small to large generators DLX can meet your needs offering small streamlined options to hybrid options to minimize payload weight and volume, all the way to fully customized solutions from the generator to power delivery and distribution.