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Lighting is a must have during deployment operations and at DLX we are maximizing the utility of the technological advancements in lighting.

LED lighting has advanced tremendously in recent years reducing demand on power, size and cost. Check out our design creations for interior lighting, choice for scene lighting, and options for off-grid lighting and power combinations.

  • String Lights – Interior Lighting
  • Off-Grid Lighting – Interior & Exterior Lighting Options
  • Scene Lighting – Exterior Lighting
  • Tactical Lighting
  • Custom Lighting

Lighting, power and energy are a must have during deployment operations. Many times over your needs will vary based on climate conditions, day/night operations, and overall power demanding operational assets – don’t let lighting be a logistical hurdle. With the acceleration of LED technology– “Less is More”.

Its time to eliminate logistical hurdles and lighten the weight of your deployment cache and fuel consumption – by adding affordable lighting flexibility.

Available Options

Lighting is a top priority for deployment operations and at Deployed Logix we have a variety of solutions from off-the-shelf to customized in order to maximize your lighting needs, while minimizing your payload, volume and energy requirements. Regardless of your task at hand we have lighting solutions for any shelter in the market, tactical lighting, scene lighting, and more.

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