DLX Isolation Unit

You can count on us when they’re counting on you.

Medical crises can happen at any time and you know that better than anyone. We pride ourselves on doing our best to prepare you for the worst-case scenario. When you need to contain a situation, and you need to do it quickly, we can help.

The DLX Isolation Unit is our way of continuing to bring rapid deployment to the medical field. With the main structure of the ASAP Rapid Shelter taking two people only one minute to set up (and the entire shelter system requiring only 10 minutes for a two-person set up), you can quickly get to your patients without fussing over equipment.

(Not only is the ASAP Rapid Shelter the most rapid shelter in the industry, it also the most multi-functional. Whether your agency already has an ASAP Rapid Shelter or is in the market for one, it can be used as an isolation unit as well as a command post, decon shower, surge capacity unit, etc.–always ready to assist in any situation.)

The DLX Isolation Unit is equipped with an HVAC, offering climate control and comfort to patients, and a negative and positive pressure air scrubber with HEPA filter that pulls the dirty air from the isolation chamber, cleans it, and then deposits the clean air outside the shelter. The DLX Air Scrubber is capable of 12 or more air changes an hour, which meets the CDC and UK Department of Public Health air scrubbing requirements.

Including antimicrobial floor and walls, along with shatter-proof LED light strands, the DLX Isolation Unit conveniently packs into two DLX Hard Cases that once unpacked can then be used as tables for a nurses’ station.

We work around the clock to offer solutions to the chaos of emergencies. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about how we can better serve the needs of your hospital and medical response teams.

The DLX Isolation Unit

  • Convenient and compact system that sets up in minutes.
  • Adaptable with any ASAP Shelter simply by adding the ISO liner and air scrubber.
  • Versatile isolation for protective or medical.
  • Capable of negative pressure, positive pressure, and air scrubbing.
Isolation Unit Specs and Product Sheet:

Isolation Unit Product Sheet