DLX Hard Cases

DLX Hard Cases use the patented technology from ECS with the world’s only case with completely flush hardware (including wheels and carrying handles) and inter-locking stackable lid and base design.

Modular Stacking
All Hard Cases have modular stacking dimensions and unique stacking features molded into the top and bottom surfaces allowing these cases to securely interlock when stacked.

Dust & Waterproof Molded-in Inserts
Molded-in inserts eliminate leak paths, keeping your equipment protected from the outside elements. All Cases are dustproof and waterproof to 5m. This feature also helps prevent corrosion and the collection of hazardous materials.

Field Replaceable Hardware
All Cases feature molded-in inserts, which allow external hardware to be easily changed with a screwdriver. Stainless steel fasteners and molded-in inserts provide the strongest hardware attachments available today.

Zero Draft Angle
Cases have perfect 90° angle walls which maximizes interior volume and stacking efficiency.

  • INTERLOCK DESIGN: Cases utilize a patented and advanced modular stacking design molded into the top and bottom surfaces allowing cases to securely interlock.
  • MATERIAL: Constructed of tough rotationally molded linear low-density polyethylene. Made of first-time use (“non-recycled) resin plastics.
  • HARDWARE INSERTS: The inserts for the case hardware (handles, latches, locks, hinges, etc) are molded into the case during the rotational molding process – not after. This is to eliminate leak paths, corrosion, and collection of hazardous material.
  • REPLACEABLE HARDWARE: The case hardware is easily removed and replaced in the field with only a screwdriver.
  • NON-RUST HARDWARE: Hardware is made of non-rust material.
  • RECESSED HARDWARE: All hardware is recessed in order to protect it during handling and transport.
  • HANDLES: Handles are ergonomic and made of non-rust material polymer.
  • ZERO DRAFT ANGLE: Case has all perfect 90 degree angles for maximum storage.
  • WATER & WEATHER TIGHT GASKET: Case is designed with a top and bottom matching gasket design with a complete and protected recessed perimeter rubber gasket.
  • PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE: Case is equipped with an automatic pressure release valve
  • 100+ SIZES
  • CASTERS: Case must have casters for easy transport in rough terrain with heavy-duty 3” edge casters. Casters must be recessed and only require a 2” lift to be engaged.
  • LOCKING LATCHES: Any latch can be substituted for a locking latch before or after manufacturing and in the field.
  • HINGES: Any case can have the option to have latches on all sides or substitute one side of latches for hinges and can be changed after manufacturing or in the field.
  • COLORS: Case is available in eleven (11) colors: Desert Tan, Olive Drab, Gray, Black, Earth, Red, White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

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