Climate Control Solutions

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Regardless of the weather scenario during deployment, Deployed Logix® has climate control products ready to fit your field requirements.

Controlling the climate in the field can be difficult–and expensive. Thus, interchangeability of climate control field assets in your cache is incredibly important to your overall strategy. This is why all climate control solutions that DLX offers for the ASAP® Rapid Shelter line are compatible with almost all other shelters already in the field or your cache. 

Even better, DLX climate control products are ultra efficient. From the moment a solution is conceived, efficiency is the primary goal before any product is engineered and manufactured. Down to how DLX climate control products are packaged, DLX climate control solutions are guaranteed to minimize time for deployment, maximize product performance, and enhance product longevity.

Additionally, DLX climate control options are endless. Multiple configurations have been tailored to maximize your shelter’s efficiency. DLX insulation and liners round out your climate control field strategy, while efficient generators, XW heaters, and XACT® climate control and HVAC products power your shelter’s comfort. For cold weather conditions, the XW line of heaters is the quickest and most efficient way to heat your shelter quickly. If hot weather is bogging you down, XACT® HVAC solutions are perfect for cooling your shelter and staff.

In short, no matter the option or number of DLX climate control products you deploy, DLX has you covered. DLX climate control options will minimize weight, payload, volume and fuel consumption all while achieving maximum energy savings.

Climate control is vital to field operations and the success of your mission. Don’t wait until the weather puts a damper on your deployment’s success, get DLX on board to complete your climate control strategy. Contact us now!