Climate Control

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Regardless of the weather scenario during deployment, Deployed Logix® has the right climate control solution.

The climate control options that DLX offers for the ASAP® Rapid Shelter line are compatible with almost all other shelters already in the field or your cache. DLX climate control products are thought out from the way they are packaged to their size and deployment capability to maximize quick deployment, product performance and product longevity. DLX has various options for maximizing your XACT® efficiency and climate control needs. No matter the option, DLX climate control products minimize total weight, payload, volume and fuel consumption to achieve maximum energy savings.

For extreme cold and winter weather conditions the XW line of Heaters is the quickest and most efficient way to heat your shelter and staff in a hurry.

In short, DLX understands that climate control can be vital to field operations and the success of your deployment and mission.