Eugene, OR – March 29, 2017 – Deployed Logix was recently issued a US Patent for the portable shelter high-wind anchoring device – the Atlas Anchor System. The Atlas Anchor System was designed and tested by the Research & Development team at Deployed Logix to serve as a high-wind anchoring device for the DLX ASAP® Rapid Shelter. The Atlas Anchor also serves as the most flexible and fastest non-impact

anchoring device in the market and works with all other portable shelters, structures, and tents already in place in equipment caches.

Deployed Logix is excited to announce the release of our newest product the ATLAS® Anchor – Patent Pending.

The DLX ATLAS Anchor System is designed to give you maximum operational freedom in the smallest, lightest package possible.

Made from ultra-heavy UV, mildew, and fire-resistant vinyl and nylon, the ATLAS anchor is tough enough to fill with WATER, rocks, dirt, bricks, or whatever you have on hand. Three independent compartments means you can fill just one compartment or all three, depending on your needs.

When we say adaptable and tactical, we mean it. The ATLAS anchor is faster to fill and easier to transport, set up and fill than traditional water bladders or barrels, and gives you many more options for filling and securing than sandbags or stakes.

Regardless of what shelter system you have in your cache the ATLAS anchors are a great option for high winds.