ASAP-HUB Rapid Shelter System


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The ASAP-HUB Shelter System

Bringing it all together.

Interchangeable connectivity.
The center of your shelter complex.
Withstands the harshest conditions.
Can stand on its own. 

After observing the evolving needs and requirements of the DLX customer base, DLX designed the ASAP-HUB Shelter System. Like other products from the DLX ASAP Rapid Shelter System lineup, the ASAP-HUB Shelter System can be deployed with as few as two people. Within 15 minutes or less, the ASAP-HUB turns your team’s shelter into a full-fledged home base. An easy setup helps you maximize your team’s deployment capabilities and reduce the usual, complex setup times and personnel requirements associated with large field deployments. Even better, the ASAP-HUB Shelter System can stand on its own! This self-supporting feature makes combining other shelter modules in your field cache easy, fast, and smart!

Finally, the ASAP-HUB solution is offered as a comprehensive package, complete with DLX hard case, insulation liner, lights, and more.  Upgrade your field cache with the easiest, fastest, and smarter rapid deployment shelter solution today!

Persons Required to Setup:

No more than two (2) people are required to setup any DLX ASAP Shelter model.

Time of Setup:

Two-person, 15-minute setup

Useable Area:

16.5′ x 16.5′ (5 x 5 m)

Square Footage:

272 ft2 (25.3 m2 )

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Bringing it all together.

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