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The ASAP-18 Rapid Shelter System

Designed to be compact and the first to be deployed in the field.

The first one up – every time.
Two-person, 60-second setup.
Lightweight durability.
Goes wherever you’re needed most.

With many years of extensive industry knowledge and first responder feedback, DLX designed the ASAP-18 Rapid Shelter System to be easily deployable with just a two-person, 60-second process. Using the ASAP-18 Rapid Shelter System minimizes deployment time and personnel requirements in any field application. The entire shelter system has been designed from the ground up to make every step seamless. From packing and unloading all the way through field setup, the DLX ASAP-18 Rapid Shelter System makes your field deployment fast, easy, and professional. 

Your ASAP-18 Rapid Shelter System will come packed in a tough and secure DLX hard case that can be lifted or rolled by just two people and is small enough to transport in the back of a truck, minivan, or SUV. You can now take communications, command, rehab, and even triage to places they could never go before. Upgrade your field cache with the easiest, fastest, and smarter rapid deployment shelter solution today!

Persons Required to Setup:

No more than two (2) people are required to set up the DLX ASAP-18 Shelter.

Time of Setup:

The initial shelter setup is less than 60 seconds.

Useable Area:

18′ x 15′ (5.5 x 4.6 m)

Square Footage:

270 ft2 (25 m2)

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The ASAP-18

Rapid. Reliable. Ready when you are.

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