Deployed Logix (DLX) is a trusted industry partner. Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Urban Search and Rescue, and other organizations rely upon our first-hand knowledge to assess, outfit, and sustain their field operations.

We are not a “one-size-fits-all” supplier. Deployed Logix (DLX) understands that its customers have vast and differing threat response capabilities. Operational deployment applications will vary depending on situation. Deployed Logix (DLX) works hard to ensure that every tent, generator, HVAC, or other field operation support item meets or exceeds all designated requirements.

Many customers operate or deploy well off the beaten path. They work in remote and austere locations, often under the harshest environments and most extreme weather conditions. When they demand uncompromising performance and dependability, Deployed Logix (DLX) delivers!

With over 30 years of combined experience in design, management, and operational deployment, Deployed Logix (DLX) is the leading designer and supplier of shelters systems and field products to support any customer’s base camp operations.


ASAP® Rapid Shelter System from Deployed Logix (DLX) has created a tremendous following worldwide. The ASAP® Rapid Shelter System provides best-in-class ease of use, intuitive deployment features, and outstanding performance and dependability. With its ability to deploy with as few as two (2) people in sixty (60) seconds, the ASAP® Rapid Shelter System redefines how teams standardize their rapid deployment field operations.

The ASAP® Rapid Shelter System is capable of multiple configurations and add-ons. Backed with years of extensive industry knowledge and end-user feedback, the ASAP® Rapid Shelter System from Deployed Logix (DLX) has been engineered to adapt to a wide array of missions, roles, and environments by using specially-designed accessories and solutions for meeting end-user requirements.


The entire product line at Deployed Logix (DLX) has been designed or chosen to minimize deployment times, reduce manpower, and decrease personnel requirements, all while maximizing reliability, dependability, and functionality under a full spectrum of field operation applications.

The Deployed Logix (DLX) team works hard to equip customers with the best products for meeting their needs and budgets. We take the responsibility and trust placed in us very seriously. Thus, we make the following promises to all our customers:

  • We promise to perform with the highest integrity.
  • We promise to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.
  • We promise to continue researching, developing, and innovating to bring the most reliable and high-performing product to the shelter systems and field operations industry.
  • We promise to stand behind every product we design and provide.
  • We promise to be your partner.