3BT – Three Deck Boat Trailer

Deployed Logix is excited to announce the release of the 3BT – Three Deck Boat Trailer (Three Deck/Boat Water Rescue and Command Trailer System). 

The DLX-3BT trailer project originated as the needs for water rescue operations has evolved over recent years. The number of water rescues is increasing each year, due to record rainfall, large storms and hurricanes, abundant snow melt, breach of manmade water control, etc. Flooding can happen in any city, county or state. In some localities, fire fighters are saving more lives from eminent water threats then from fires.


The concept behind the DLX-3BT water rescue trailer was to create a complete turnkey water rescue package with self-sufficient logistical support as well as command and control capability. There were several key features identified as must have components for the design; lightweight rapidly deployable triple-stack boat transport, more ergonomic motor storage, as well as command and operational functionality in day or night supporting small and large scale deployments.


The first trailer was delivered this month to Suffolk County Rescue in Long Island, New York.