In September and October 2016 the State of North Carolina put several of the DLX-3BT trailers and to the test for the first time during true operational use from record rainfall and flooding. Water Rescue and Special Operations teams from Fayetteville, Buncombe County and Greensboro Fire Departments successfully rescued 138 people within 48 hours. Then just a couple weeks later 2,300+ people were rescued from record flooding across central and eastern North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew added heavy rainfall to what was an already overly saturated water basin. The DLX-3BT Water Rescue Trailer proved itself a valuable tool to improve operations. 

This September 2016, Deployed Logix participated at the IAWRP 2016 Conference. 

The IAWRP’s vision is to bring members from all disciplines of the world wide water rescue community together to promote safety, training, and best practices. We strive to enhance the success of these low frequency high risk water rescue activities. IAWRP raises awareness of the critical role that water rescue responders provide in the safety and security of our fellow citizens.


This year we came ready to play. We were able to field test the practicality of the 3BT trailer along with the functionality and practice of utilizing the ASAP® Rapid Shelter as a quick deployable base of operations for water rescue teams.

This September 2016, Deployed Logix is excited to present at The Emergency Services Show 2016 in Birmingham, U.K